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The Runed Eight

The Founders of The Collective

Gavin Tracy

The first to travel the multiverse. He has many versions, such as; Lucius Legara, Kirosaki Legara, Principal Gavin, Agent Thorn, Doctor Charius Grey etc...

Trevor Amaze

The second to enter the Rune. His versions include; Agent Raven, Blueberry, Trevor the Relevant etc...

Paul Maxell

The third to become aware of the multiverse. His versions include; Agent Rhode, Paul the Werewolf, Officer Maxx, Jerry etc... 

The Runed Eight

The Founders of the Collective

Amber Tracy

The fourth to enter, following One. Her versions include; Kava, Amber the Shadow, Doctor Nova. Etc...


F v       i     a   ori 
s     is     capa      of
ma    hi   
in      ;   B i
         O  id ,        
E c. .


S          i      ca    of     a   
t         fi      th    

Ethe i l   a

tc  .

Kevin Trask

The Seventh to follow. His versions include; Icarus Kayzar, T   G d  f      ,
Fracture Etc...

Ben Umbra

Not much is known about Eight. His versions include; Thade DePir, Ben the Neko Wizard, Etc...